I Talked with God

I talked with God last Friday on my way to Kansas City.

I did not see a burning bush but the clouds were pretty.

He said, “Pay no attention to those words in the Bible,

 what this world really needs is a spiritual revival.”


Overwhelmed by the omnipotent coolness of being

Lucky me to talk with the almighty on Highway 13,

I was glad to have cruise control, Thank God for it’s creation.

It is best to keep a steady pace in holy conversation.


How did I know it was the Lord of lords and not my psycho alter-ego?

I’ve joked around with that nut enough to know he’s all about labido.

He would try to show off and mention every fact he learned in college.

Then he would test me. No it was God simply into knowledge.


To know God’s voice, know what its not. What its not is clear.

It’s not asking you for money or talking like Shakespeare.

Its not trying to scare you, make you feel bad, or worry about death.

It’s a soft and hopeful whisper you hear underneath your breath.


He explained the rules of Bocce and how we all could be like Jesus.

But if we brag about it, the world will not believe us.

It is best to remain humble like a true Royals fan.

When you think no one can beat you, you find Giants who can.


We talked about the weather, feral cats, and climate change;

Porcelain and China; how trade deals are arranged;

Why America builds more prisons to keep Africans enslaved;

All the alcohol and drugs I’ve done; all the money I could have saved.


With that I made a cheap excuse to stop for gasoline 

I knew God knew what I was doing and would not say a thing.

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