Trash Talkin’ Spades Talker

Sleaz-B…you are a trash talking punk ass gamer gettin’ jiggy with the  mojo thinkin’ you’re some kinda card playa but you don’t even know what you’re playin’ when you can’t see who’s dealin’who’s grillin’ on the rotisserie eat this mutha fucka. you are one dumbo boy joy for joy cause you gotta be Sleaz-B  You see a confederate flag
You see a confederate flag in my Facebook but you don’t take time to look to deduce what’s bein’ said fred. you are putrid stupid
You’re out of your mind to waste your time cause you sure are wasting mine–you couldn’t find your dick cause it’s in your mouth talk about goin’ south
Lucky you gotta cell phone did you steal it, or take out a big loan? boo!  well boo who to you fool. you can’t use that hot item when you get caught and locked up inside clyde.
Will your mojo work when the bitch taker makes you the boo who bitch?  I don’t think so–mojo don’t want that stink.

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